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"Everything Safe and under Control, isn't it?"

Müller Dairy in Market Drayton, Shropshire, has been in production since 1992. When it comes to producing quality dairy products to the highest standards Müller is a market leader. Müller's most popular product in the UK is the well known "Müller Corner" which is available in several different varieties, such as Fruit, Crunch and Bio Yogurt Corner. Over 900 million units of these premium quality products are made each year. In addition to these, they also produce other favourites such as flavoured rice desserts and single yogurt pots.

Müller manufacture to the very highest quality control and safety standards, they demand the same market leading technology from their equipment suppliers.

Müller headquarters in Germany lead the way in continuous improvement and investment for the group, and wanted to implement X-ray machines on all of their production lines. The aim was to reliably check fill levels and detect foreign objects from one system during production. Initial tests were carried out with equipment from existing reputable manufacturers but the results did not meet Müller's requirements. They then decided to run tests with the new OCS X-ray scanner which implemented a new camera technology. To begin with, one OCS X-ray scanner was installed at the main sites at Aretsried, Freising, Leppersdorf and Market Drayton for testing. This allowed employees at each site to experience the high performance capability of the OCS scanner and see its benefit in a production line.

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ocs_pfeil.gif Everything Safe and under Control, isn't it?