Kontrollwaage HC | Procter & Gamble | Hair colorant kits

Quality control of Clairol Nice 'n Easy hair colorant kits, packed in cartons at Procter & Gamble's Seaton Delaval site near Newcastle, has been automated with a new checkweigher, custom built by OCS to meet P&G's specific needs. The machine not only ensures that weight is correct, confirming the presence of three plastic bottles of liquid, but is also equipped to operate under minimal supervision, simultaneously checking for cartons with open flaps. Previously, cartons were taken off line at random for manual inspection, a time-consuming process unable to uncover and reject any consecutive errors, possibly as a result of a filling machine fault. Now, with each carton individually assessed, further progress has been made towards Procter & Gamble's policy objective of 100 per cent quality assurance.

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ocs_pfeil P&G make significant progress towards 100% quality assurance goal