Stainless steel design IP 65
Multi-track product weighing
For heavy duty products
Wash Down for heavy duty applications
Checkweigher with highest hygiene requirements
IP 65 splash water protected
Full performance combined with highest flexibility
First-Class technology at a competitive price
Combination of X-ray Scanner and Checkweigher
Scanning for foreign objects tailored to your needs
X-ray Scanner for the Inspection of Standing Products
Speeds Up to 120 m/min
Highest requirements of modern quality control
MULTI-TRACK weighing
Weighing and serialisation combined in one single unit
Weighing and checking for comprehensive applications
The solution for manual aggregation
Serialisation of bundled packs
Weighing of cylindrical products
Weighing of cylindrical products
Ex zone
Cylindrical products in zone 1&2
For explosion risk area
Ultimate Accuracy in Static Weighing
Catchweigher available at entry level price
For highest throughputs
Closing postal loopholes for profit
For letters and flats
Sacs & Bags
Weighing of sacs
Cans & Tins
For heavy duty products
Basic training EC
Basic training HC
Checkweigher HC-WD+MDi | Brimi | Mozzarella
X-ray scanner SC 5000 + SC 4000 L | Müller Dairy UK | Müller Corner
X-ray scanner SC 5000 + SC 4000 L | Müller Milch | Yogurt
Checkweigher HC-MDi | Congalsa | deep frozen food
Checkweigher HC-MDi | Homann | gourmet salads
Checkweigher HC-WD | Coop Bakery | Raw dough pieces
Checkweigher HC-VA + X-ray scanner | Frosta | frozen products
Checkweigher HC-MDi | Reinert | sausage
Checkweigher HC | Manner | hazelnut waffle | 640 pieces per minute!
Track & Trace | Boehringer Ingelheim | Folded boxes
Checkweigher HC | Procter & Gamble | Hair colorant kits
Checkweigher HC-IS | Nelson & Co. | natural healthcare remedies
Checkweigher HC-MI | Enestia | pharmaceutics and healtcare products
Checkweigher HC-TQCC | Folded boxes
Checkweigher HC+EC-M-SL | Dankwardt | aerosols
Checkweigher HC-Multi-track | Stickpacks
Checkweigher HC-IS | AVON | deodorant aerosol
Checkweigher EC-M-SL-3-SI | Austrian Post | parcels
DWS System | TNT Neuss | parcel solution
Letterscale | HC-Letterscale VLS-630 | PostNL
Checkweigher HC-WD for Wash Down environments
DWS system with turntable | handling with parcel
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