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CONGALSA – More Production Safety with Metal Detectors and Checkweighers

The market leader of deep-frozen foods reinforces its production security by incorporating all-in-one solutions consisting of metal detectors and checkweighers of the OCS Checkweighers company. CONGALSA´S clients in the field of distribution guarantee top product quality and therefore offer full protection of the brand image. The benefit is obvious: 100% statistical production control and the rejection of defective products guarantee maximum reliability. As a result, with OCS equipment, CONGALSA obtains maximum throughput rates. OCS checkweighers reliably work in environments with low temperature and a high degree of humidity.

CONGALSA started at the beginning of the Nineties and is a specialist in the development of pre-cooked products based on fish. Since then, CONGALSA's has become an excellent manufacturer thanks to the policy of constant investment and continuous product improvement. A very capable team of experts with their large know-how together with a good infrastructure and advanced machinery (like the checkweighers of the OCS company) made CONGALSA a pioneer amongst the Spanish companies in this sector. Permanent innovation and commitment for quality and best service contributed to their presence in the most discerning markets. Today, more than 60 active clients in more than 25 countries are part of their customer base. CONGALSA is manufacturer of pre-cooked products and also produces a wide range of deep-frozen paste, i.e. natural products based on fish and seafood...

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