Track & Trace explained the easy way!

OCS Checkweighers will be featuring 3CIntegrity explaining the Essentials of the upcoming and binding Serialisation. Be part of a two day seminar / training class that explains how your business may be affected and learn from other pharmaceutical manufacturers what they are doing.

TrackTrace 3C Upsala

The Serialisation of medicines will soon be a legal demand. Evidently, this will have strong implications on future production and validation processes. Furthermore it will require large scale investment of both time and money. Therefore, the better we understand the demand and design of this additional process, the better we can implement and validate them. Thus we gain best possible process & production safety and long term investment protection.

Pharmaceutical companies who fail to act now, in order to prepare for the upcoming legislation, are running the risk to lose production in the future!

The 2-day training class being held at Uppsala Business park, Sweden, is run by independent advisers from 3CIntegrity, authorised experts in Track & Trace. Benefit from their advice on the legal background as well as from OCS Checkweighers' application expertise in regards of technical implementation and machinery. A dedicated, professional and beneficial combination.

Further details on the Seminar in Uppsala (27th and 28th January 2015) can be obtained by clicking here. This is also the easiest way to reserve your seat.

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